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Icon Contest for live action TV shows based on comic books/graphic novels.
Welcome to Comics On TV Icontest!
This is a weekly icon contest community for all your favorite (live action) TV shows that are based on comic books/graphic novels.

· Icons will be due by midnight on Sunday.
· Voting will go up on Monday, as well as the new challenge.
· Results will be posted Thursday.
Participating Fandoms:

This is a multi-fandom community, for all live-action television shows that are based on comic books/graphic novels.

You'll find a list of shows on the Recent Entries page, but those only go back to the 90s. For a full list of shows you can choose from, you can refer to this handy list on Wikipedia. Just keep in mind that animated shows are not allowed.

1. Icons must fit LJ sizes: 100x100, 40kb
2. Icons must be still (not animated).
3. Unless stated otherwise, you can submit icons for any of the participating fandoms. Some challenges may be fandom-specific though.
4. Use of brushes, textures, gradients, etc. is encouraged.
5. Do not post your icon in your journal or any communities until after results have been announced.
6. Please only submit new icons, created specifically for this contest.
7. You can enter up to 5 icons per challenge.
8. Entries will be submitted as a screened comment to the challenge post.
9. You must join the community in order to enter the challenges, but only dragonydreams will have access to make posts.
10. Icons must be submitted with both the image and the URL (see below) in a screened comment to the challenge post. Please include the fandom too (in case we have not seen it).
11. There must be entries from at least 3 people in order to go to voting!

Fandom: Agents of SHIELD


If you would like to be an affiliate, please comment here.
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Here are some websites that offer screencaps of Comic Book Shows:
· Cap-It-All City
· Fandom is Forever
· Far Far Away Site
· Genre Caps
· Home of the Nuty
· Screencapped.net
· Target 419

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